Foundation Trading Programme Review

Hi everyone, I have been trading for the last 15 years and always believed that I knew the markets well. But, after enrolling for the Foundation Trading Programme from Academy of Financial Trading, I realized very soon that I had a long way to go before I mastered the intricacies of trading.

I have always based my trading strategy on instincts. The course opened my eyes to the scientific aspect of trading which would reduce the chances of failures during actual trading. The training sessions were open, to the point and filled with humor just to ensure it does not get monotonous. The tutors shared the experience gained by them during their professional trading career which would be very useful in making the correct investment decision.

The video recordings play an important role in mastering the trading techniques. Having gained the expertise, I am confident of boosting my trading activity without getting stressed out. This course is a real value for money.

Caroline T from the US

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