Bokeh in Photography

Bokeh means Blur. It is a photography technique that is used to blur the areas of a photograph. Basically, bokeh pictures have only one point of focus, and is used for making an image look visually pleasing. The purpose of using bokeh is to make the subject stand out from the background.

Here are a few simple and easy tips that you can use to achieve the best bokeh effect in your shots:

Fast lens: To get a nice bokeh, use a fast lens with a large aperture as it decreases the depth of field to a very small area. Lenses with f/1.4, f/1.8 or f/2.8 apertures are preferred. If you don’t have a fast lens, increase the distance between the subject and the background.

Get close to the subject: Stand close to your subject to get a blurred background. This is achieved because the camera lens focuses closely on the subject and the depth of field will be the smallest.

Long lens: The longer lens you use, the more beautiful bokeh you will get. Using a long lens like 70-200 mm, will separate the subject from the background and will leave you with a fantastic bokeh.

Use longer focal length: If you are using a zoom lens, then zoom it to the maximum focal length. Increasing the focal length of the lens decreases the depth of the field and separates the subject from the background even more.

Shutter speed: Set the shutter speed faster than 1/50 second. 1/90 or above shutter speed is ideal. If it’s too dark, increase the ISO level higher than 800.

Bokeh, the subject and the background can be used in different ways. People mostly use it as a background effect because it makes the subject more appealing and beautiful. So try this beautiful technique in your photography and get amazing results.

Hopefully with this useful information, Shaw Academy has thrown some light on bokeh photography. Follow Shaw Academy on LinkedIn.


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