Behavioural Disorders in Children

Are you worried about a change in your child’s behaviour? Do you need to know whether their behaviour is normal or not? Shaw Academy is here to help you by putting together some information about children’s behaviour problems.

Behavioral disorders, also called as disruptive behavioural disorder, are a set of external negative behaviours in children. According to research, “one in ten children suffer from behavioural disorders. However, in girls the number is two in ten. The most common disruptive behaviour disorder includes conduct disorder, oppositional defiant disorder and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. Some of the symptoms of this disorder are:

  • Not doing well in school, skipping school
  • Lying or stealing
  • Early sexual activity
  • Harming or threatening themselves or other people
  • Early smoking or drinking
  • Having difficulty in handling frustration

There are variety of causes behind behavioural disorder such as genetics, physical, and environmental. Below are the most common reasons:

  • Family history of mental illness
  • Poor or inconsistent parenting
  • Suffering from abuse and/or neglect
  • Exposure to violence
  • Dysfunctional home life

If children do not receive proper treatment, the effects of the disruptive behavioural disorder can worsen and lead to the development of antisocial personality disorder. It’s very important to treat behavioural disorder in children on time. Treatment is usually multifaceted and depends on the factors contributing to it, but may include:

  • Medication
  • Parental Education
  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
  • Social Training
  • Family Therapy
  • Encouragement
  • Anger Management

If you see signs of this issue in children, always consult with a GP, Paediatrician, Child Psychologist or Child Psychiatrist.

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How Could Workplace Competition Improve Your Health?

According to a research, exercise at the workplace using a pedometer and social media shows potential to avoid cardiovascular risk and improve health. This study involved over 70,000 workers in 64 countries, mostly in Asia, but including Europe, North & South America, and Africa. The result was presented at the American College of Cardiology’s, Chicago and published online in a medical journal.

In the program, teams of different office compete with each other or with a group of companies in other countries to see who can take the high number of steps in a day. It was a 100-day challenge and workers used to post the progress or results on social media websites for motivation, encouragement and competition.

The result revealed that workers increased their daily activity by approximately 3,500 steps, reduced sitting time by 45 minutes, exercised for around one extra day per week and lost about three pounds. As per company employees, “the program has encouraged them to change their daily lifestyle and through this program they achieved good health results, felt more active and have built better stamina.

Through this program, it has become easy for people to fight with the heart disease, including stroke and high blood pressure. A recent study shows that heart disease can claim the ultimate cost as the most common cause of death.

However, the research only looked at short-term results and is not sure whether this program can lead to long-lasting health benefits. Also, there is no proper information on any changes in workers’ unhealthy cholesterol levels and other health conditions.

The success of this program has encouraged the researchers to extend their research in various sectors to improve health of the workers as they don’t get much time from their busy schedule.

According to the medical practitioners, this program is a step in the right direction for the well-being of the workers. This will also shape up their future in a better and prosperous way.

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